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Senator Chuck Schumer Trying To Promote Investments Into Gaming Industry

On June 1st, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer toured Velan Studios in the New York state capital region. This comes as part of an effort to promote federal investments into the esports and gaming industry.

Schumer also requested a $750K grant to fund the Game On video game accelerator program. This money would likely be used in game development as well as several other areas.

“Gaming is one of the hottest, and fastest-growing industries and companies close to home,” Schumer said. “More people do video games than watch movies. Look at Hollywood. We can become the Hollywood of gaming.”

Schumer helped originally launch the accelerator program. It is working to create 350 new video game development jobs in New York state’s Capital Region.

The Profit‘s Take:

Schumer is missing the bigger opportunity here. These programs should be encouraging job creation in gaming as a whole, not just video game development. There is an opportunity to make NY a significant gaming and esports hub, but not if government doesn’t really understand the big picture.

(All information was provided by WSKG-FM and WTEN-TV)

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