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Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. Planning To Build $28M Esports Venue In Northwestern Ohio

Amusement park operator Cedar Fair Entertainment Company recently announced it was partnering with Esports Development Co. This deal will see the two organizations work together to build a $28 million gaming venue in Sandusky, Ohio.

The venue would reportedly be outfitted with 200 gaming stations. It is also expected to feature a locker room, a food court, and a 1,500-seat esports arena.

“Our long-term strategy is focused on delivering an immersive entertainment experience that differentiates our parks and makes our park guests want to come back again and again,” said Cedar Fair’s CEO Richard A. Zimmerman. “The opening of our Cedar Point Sports Center in 2017 was consistent with this strategy and has proved to be enormously popular with amateur sports teams and other large groups. Given the booming popularity of esports, we believe there is an opportunity to tap into the growing appetite for that form of entertainment and package it with all that Cedar Point has to offer.”

The company has said that the venue could be ready to host esports tournaments in the first half of 2023. The facility could eventually also be used for future concerts as well as other events.

The Profit‘s Take:

This proves that the guys at OverActive Media have no idea how to build a cost-effective esports arena. I couldn’t get behind the OverActive stadium because the price tag ($500 million) was so big it meant there was basically no chance of generating a return on investment. I’m okay with the size and the price of this venue. It’s not going to get big headlining events, but it’ll get some events for esports. I get building an arena next to an amusement park. The problem is the 200 gaming stations. Besides a rainy day at the amusement park, why would anybody ever go there? Nobody is driving out to Sandusky Ohio to use your gaming station. Maybe it’s because Ohio amusement parks are seasonal, so this could be good during the late fall and winter months. Trying to recoup $28 million is way easier than $500 million, so the bar gets lowered making it easier for them to find success. For that reason, I like this.

(All information was provided by USA Today and WTVG)

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