July Saw NFT Sales Top $1.2B

A recent report showed that NFT sales topped $1.2 billion in July. The study also revealed that the decentralized applications (dapp) industry grew by 23.72% from June to July.

“With trading volumes skyrocketing, gaming collectibles are hands down the stars of the past month,” writes Dragos Dunica, the co-founder of DappRadar, in an e-mail to Forbes. “Visits to games-related pages increased eightfold in July alone, and the number of unique active wallets we’re tracking on all the games doubled to ~740K. As we plunge deeper into the metaverse, blockchain gaming is set for meteoric growth.” 

Just days later, it was announced that Axie Infinity had hit $1 billion in all-time sales. The organization reported over 2.4 million transactions that helped make Axie one of the top platforms in the collectible gaming NFT space.

(All information was provided by Daily Hodl and Forbes)

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