Stride Inc. Launching Esports Summer Camp

Stride Inc. recently announced the company is launching an esports summer camp. The camp is expected to see at least 10,000 students sign up for this summer’s session.

“Having an online environment where students can learn how competition works at a young age in a safe environment where they can find their calling is such an incredible service,” said Ben imdaboom Pousada. “As with any form of sport, eSports teaches invaluable social skills such as frustration tolerance, effective communication, accountability, and much more.”

The Stride Esports Summer Camp runs from June 24th to August 13th. The camp is completely free to students 13 years or older that are already enrolled in the Stride K12-powered school.

Those interested in signing up for the camp can do so through the Stride Esports League website.

(All information was provided by Business Wire)

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