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New Organization Within Facebook Reality Labs Is Making A Big Move Into The Metaverse

Facebook Reality Labs recently launched a new group within its organization that will focus on building out the company’s metaverse. The aim is to be a “connective tissue” between the social media giant’s AR, VR, and telecom products.

“The metaverse is already here as a collection of digital worlds each with its own physics to determine what’s possible within them. The defining quality of the metaverse will be presence — the feeling of really being there with people — and FRL has been focused on building products that deliver presence across digital spaces,” said Andrew Bosworth, the VP of VR and AR products at Facebook, in a statement.

The new sector will be led by Instagram’s Head of Product Vishal Shah. Meanwhile, Jason Rubin will be head of content while Vivek Sharma will lead the cloud infrastructure team.

The Profit‘s Take:

Zuckerberg basically came out and said that the metaverse is the future of Facebook. Facebook has a definition for the word metaverse, but the problem is it’s very broad. Either way, I like that they at least TRIED to define it. Facebook has many of the elements required to create a metaverse, and I like this “connective tissue” approach. In terms of scale, it’s possible that only Facebook could do this. Now, I would curb my hopes because I think this is a five- to ten-year project. Still, Facebook truly has the best shot at building a metaverse in the proper sense of the word because they have everything they need to make it work.

(All information was provided by CNET)

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