U SPORTS Unveils Three-Year Partnership With CSL Esports

U SPORTS, which is the official governing body of all athletics at Canadian universities, recently unveiled a three-year partnership with CSL Esports. As part of this deal, U SPORTS plans on launching a gaming division later this year.

“We are excited to form this unique partnership with CSL Esports and launch an initiative that is the first of its kind in our history,” said Dick White, the interim chief executive at U SPORTS. “U SPORTS Gaming will expand the programming offered by our members beyond traditional sports competition, while also creating additional opportunities for engagement on campus beyond our 14,000 student-athletes in a rapidly-growing and cutting-edge industry.”

U SPORTS’ first official gaming event is scheduled to take place this summer. It is being reported that 22 members of U SPORTS will participate in gaming leagues organized by CSL Esports.

(All information was provided by Inside the Games)

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