JetSynthesys Announces Acquisition Of Skyesports

It was recently announced that JetSynthesys had acquired the gaming company Skyesports for an undisclosed amount of money. As a result, a new entity was formed called Jet Skyesports Gaming Pvt Ltd which aims to build grassroots-level esports competitions in India and other parts of Southeast Asia.

“Indian gaming has immense potential, and the talent which resides in the non-metros often goes unnoticed,” said Rajan Navani, the Vice Chairman of JetSynthesys. “Our vision, therefore, is to build esports at the grassroots level and empower individuals who have a passion for gaming make a career of it. Through Jet Skyesports, we will grow the esports ecosystem to cover the deepest parts of India, to make it more mainstream, and to also mold international-level talent from here to represent the country at global events as powerful contenders.”

Jet Skyesports is co-owned by JetSynthesys and Skyesports. JetSynthesys owns 65% of the company while Skyesports owns the other 35%.

JetSynthesys is a privately held organization that was founded in 2014. The company is currently located in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

(All information was provided by Business Line and LinkedIn)

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