Roc Nation Sports Enters The World Of Gaming

Jay-Z’s company, Roc Nation Sports, recently unveiled a multi-year partnership with The Gaming Community Network, which is a part of GameSquare Esports. This deal will see the two organizations work together to launch an esports division that caters to athletes, brands, and properties.

The Gaming Community Network will work with Roc Nation to develop content creation strategies for each individual athlete. This is expected to help bring more celebrities and influencers to the Roc Nation team.

“Increasingly, athletes are engaging in the world of esports gaming,” said Brodie Van Wagenen, the COO of Roc Nation Sports. “Younger audiences represent a hugely influential and important demographic to reach. By pairing GCN’s vast network and capabilities with Roc Nation Sports’ diverse global footprint, we anticipate that our clients will be able to connect to a broader community while growing their personal brands and businesses through innovative and multi-facing gaming projects.”

GameSquare Esports is an international gaming company based in Toronto, Canada that was founded in 1997. The company’s most well-known asset is Code Red Esports, a gaming organization that has been around for almost 20 years.

(All information was provided by GameSquare Esports and Yahoo! Finance)

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