DOGEGAME To Release New Title With Focus on NFTs

DOGEGAME, an esports platform with a play-to-earn model, is working on the upcoming launch of its new title DODGEGAME PARK. This game will feature designed challenges and levels within a unique theme park setting.

Prior to the release, DOGEGAME will launch DOGEGAME BOX and DOGEGAME SHOOT. BOX allows players to open a loot box or bucket containing a surprise after completing a level in-game. SHOOT will be a shooting app developed by the company that will soon be available for download.

DOGEGAMES charges a 1% transactional fee. 1% of that transaction will be distributed to all holders. There will be a total supply of 100,000,000,000 tokens, out of which 70% are reserved for the marketplace. Furthermore, 10% is for development, 15% for marketing and advertising, and 5% for the DOGEGAME team.

The first two presales of DOGEGAME have passed. A third presale will take place on August 29th at a discounted price.

(All information was provided by DOGEGAME and PR Newswire)

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