ESL Gaming Works With Hasbro To Release “Esports Monopoly”

ESL Gaming recently announced it had teamed up with Hasbro to release Esports Monopoly, an esports version of the classic board game. This edition features major video game tournaments instead of properties as well as gaming-specific items rather than the original thimbles.

“Welcome to the world of esports – where everybody can be somebody. From the local internet cafe to the biggest venues in world, bringing esports to the fans requires expert planning and a winning strategy,” reads the product description. “How will you bring in more fans and grow esports viewership? Will you invest in gaming festivals, sell merchandise, build online esports leagues, or sell tickets for the largest arenas all around the world?”

Esports Monopoly is now available to purchase on the ESL Gaming website. The product has a starting price of $60.99.

(All information was provided by ESL Gaming and Esports Insider)

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