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Google Reportedly Has A Plan To Create “The World’s Largest Gaming Platform”

A new court document from the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple has revealed Google’s ambitious plan to create “the world’s largest gaming platform.” This five-year plan aims to create a single program that unites Windows, Macs, and smartphones under one “low-cost” Google Service.

“[The document] includes how Google would try to establish its Play Games brand as an ‘indie game destination,’ bring roughly 100 of ‘the best of Android mobile games’ to PC, require developers to support controllers and multiple platforms, and mandate minimum prices so it can attract ‘super-premium’ games to the platform,” writes Sean Hollister of The Verge. “There’s a lot that hasn’t been redacted, and it’s ambitious stuff.”

Google has been desperately trying to navigate the world of esports for some time. On February 1st, the organization shut down its internal video game development studio Google Stadia.

The Profit‘s Take:

They basically want to bring Google Play Store games to every platform. My only conclusion from reading part of the document is they are trying to recreate Google Stadia. This plan is basically Stadia. Google has done a lot of big talking in this market. They have been overpromising and underdelivering. Don’t tell me you’re going to build the future of gaming, just build it! They’ve lost a lot of credibility in the gaming space.

(All information was provided by Business Insider, CNN-News 18, [1,2], GameSpot, and The Verge)

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