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XSET Partners With Las Vegas-Based Nightclub

XSET recently announced it had agreed to a partnership with Drai’s hip-hop nightclub in Las Vegas. As a result of this deal, Drai’s will create a series of gaming cabanas for dedicated club VIPs.

Additionally, the club will work with XSET to host a number of integrations and esports events. Limited-edition XSET merchandise will also be available to purchase at the venue.

“It’s an honor to partner with an incredible brand like Drai’s. They are the number one hip hop club in the world — and understand not only the space but also how to produce unforgettable events and experiences,” said Clinton Sparks, the Chief Business Development Officer at XSET. “The fact they have the vision and innovative spirit to bring this to the culture and community makes XSET extremely excited to call them partners.”

XSET is an esports and entertainment company. The organization was founded in July of 2020 and is currently located in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Profit‘s Take:

This is the first clear collaboration between nightlife and gaming. We love a world where there’s potential to pick somebody up based on your VALORANT rank. After seeing the HyperX arena in person, I realize there are a lot of parallels here. The HyperX arena is an old nightclub. They serve alcohol there. There’s a DJ there. There’s music playing. You feel like you’re in a club when you’re inside the HyperX Arena. To be honest, if this is executed well, the gaming section of this nightclub could be just like that. I think these gaming cabanas will generate social interactions between groups of people that don’t usually talk to one another. I really don’t see a big difference between this and HyperX’s space. It all comes back to making video games more sociable and extroverted.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider and Wikipedia)

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