Achieveminds Esports Agency Launched By Fabian Broich

Achieveminds, an esports consulting agency, was recently launched by Fabian Broich, a sports psychologist, and a former member of EXCEL Esports. According to Esports Insider, this company was created to help nurture young talent in the esports industry while encouraging the growth of gaming organizations.

“Because of my drive of helping more than just one organization and its players, the right step was to open a performance consultancy. This would allow me to work with players around the globe, support them during negotiations and manage their schedules, sleep, sports, food, and mental aspects of the game,” said Broich. “Through Achieveminds, I feel like I can help the overall esports scene to progress quicker while focusing on setting up teams’ performance systems for a more professional competition and healthy environment for players.”

According to a press release, the agency will emphasize three key areas to help growth in the gaming industry. The company will focus on performance coaching, organizational performance, and talent representation.

Fabian Broich is a German man that founded Achieveminds earlier this month. Before launching this agency, Broich worked for big-name gaming organizations like EXCEL Esports and Astralis.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider and LinkedIn)

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