Valve Unveils Data From 2020 “Steam Next Fest”

A new blog post was recently published to the Steam Community website entitled “Steam Next Fest boosts engagement and sales for most games”. In this piece, Valve explained how the 2020 Steam Next Fest impacted video game sales.

According to the report, the median game at the 2020 Next Fest saw daily wishlist additions jump by 421% during the multi-day event. Furthermore, the median game saw wishlist additions jump by 15% in the three weeks following the Steam Next Fest.

“The first Steam Next Fest ran in the summer of 2020 as a way to offer playable demos to fans in the absence of physical events such as E3,” the blog post reads. “We’ve since run the event three more times as an opportunity for devs to build an audience for their upcoming games. Each fest has comprised hundreds of games offering demos for players to download and try. The fests have also provided an opportunity for devs to feature scheduled live streams and connect with players over the course of the multi-day event.”

Registration for the Steam Next Fest closed on August 15th. The upcoming Steam Next Fest is expected to take place this October.

(All information was provided by Steam)

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