Ghost Gaming Partners With Generation Esports

Ghost Gaming recently unveiled a partnership with Generation Esports. This agreement aims to bring gaming opportunities to underprivileged schools and communities in Georgia through the non-profit organization, the Georgia Scholastic Esports Foundation (GSEF).

GenE will sponsor national and state-level esports competitions throughout Georgia. Ghost Gaming will work with Generation Esports to promote video game career opportunities while encouraging participation in scholastic video game tournaments.

“We are starting in a place that already ‘gets it’, as they say. Ghost Gaming approaches scholastic esports in partnership with community centers, schools, and teachers,” said Todd Harris, a partner at Ghost Gaming. “Starting a program is actually a LOT more involved than simply installing computers and telling the kids – now go play. There is a proven approach for delivering esports competitions and a club structure that has positive student outcomes. Forsyth County has an amazing teacher and instructional designer there named PK Graff who has been doing work with esports and computer science with middle school teams and varsity teams. His job title is actually Gaming Guru! That’s a great place for us to start.”

Ghost Gaming is an Atlanta, Georgia-based esports organization. The company currently has rosters competing in popular video games like Fortnite, Rocket League, VALORANT, Call of Duty, and more.

(All information was provided by Ghost Gaming and The Atlanta Voice)

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