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Balenciaga Latest Company To Collab With “Fortnite”

On September 20th, the luxury fashion brand Balenciaga announced it had teamed up with Epic Games’ hit title Fortnite. This collaboration saw the two companies work together to produce a line of clothing apparel both in-game and in real life.

This line of products features four different outfits that can be worn by characters in the game, Balenciaga-themed pickaxes, gliders, and wraps, free sprays, and so much more. The companies also launched Fortnite x Balenciaga t-shirts and hoodies which can be purchased in real life for $425 and $725, respectively.

“On September 20, 2021, at 8 PM ET, Digital Fashion comes to life in Fortnite. See Ramirez, Doggo, and others express themselves in a whole new way with help from the Balenciaga Fit Set. Show the world your unexpected side with the Set’s apparel, free Sprays, the Strange Times Featured Hub, and a live Fortography campaign,” it reads on the Epic Games website.

This is not the first partnership between a luxury fashion brand and a major video game title. In 2019, Louis Vuitton launched a line of League of Legends apparel.

The Profit‘s Take:

I love designer brands. I love when they engage with games. However, I don’t get this. I don’t see the intersection here. The Lamborghini and Rocket League partnerships made sense because it got young kids to dream of buying a luxury sports car one day. I just don’t get what the play is with a Balenciaga collaboration. No child is buying a $1000 shirt. I could buy the idea that Balenciaga is trying to build a younger following that may end up being consumers down the line. Still, I don’t think you need to create these IRL products. You could do skins and expand brand awareness, but who’s buying this $1000 shirt? I think this shirt is basically a meme. I can’t take anybody who buys this seriously. All of these products will end up being re-sold on eBay for two or three times the original price.

(All information was provided by Epic Games and Kotaku)

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