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Amazon Does Not Allow You To Name Your “New World” Character Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s brand new MMO game New World was officially launched worldwide on September 28th. One of the rules created for the game prohibits users from naming their character Jeff Bezos or any other variation of that name.

According to Kotaku, Amazon elected to create stricter naming regulations for the game. As a result, a rule was written that states players are not allowed to “impersonate any individual or entity, including employees or representatives of Amazon.”

“Their extended testing showed that variations of Bezos and Amazon turned up a ‘cannot be used’ error, while ‘this name is in use’ error is received when attempting to use a taken name,” writes Billy Givens of Tom’s Guide.

There have been very few naming issues so far with the game when it comes to this matter. However, one player was reportedly able to name their character Beff Jezos, according to Tom’s Guide.

The Profit‘s Take:

This is CLEARLY the most important headline relating to New World this week. According to ballpark numbers, the game had 700,000-800,000 simultaneous users and sold roughly 8 million to 9 million copies. This makes me think New World will become a real threat to World of Warcraft and Activision-Blizzard. Amazon certainly has the ability to make this game a long-term success. It’s fascinating that they didn’t hire any influencers to hype this game on its official release day. They also haven’t given queue preferences to streamers, making it hard for players to reconnect to the game if they get disconnected from the servers. This was a very obvious effort by Amazon to say we don’t want to pay influencers or streamers any more money. It’s a bit of a question mark. They paid influencers for the Beta. Why not do the same for the game’s actual launch? I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall at Amazon for that conversation.

(All information was provided by Google, Kotaku, and Tom’s Guide)

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