Advocate’s Partnership With TSM FTX Extended

TSM FTX recently announced the organization had renewed and expanded its partnership with the community engagement platform Advocate. As a result, both companies will work together on numerous activations

Several Twitch-branded collaborations will take place between the two organizations. Advocate will also help TSM FTX manage the company’s roster of over 100 different streamers while tracking their viewership data.

“We have been incredibly pleased with Advocate, not only with how the platform executes standard branding activations on Twitch, but more importantly the way it accurately tracks and measures the value of those activations,” said Ned Watkins, TSM FTX’s VP of Sales. “With Advocate’s tools, we can turn logo slaps into interactive fan experiences that engage with our audience. Advocate aims to be a leader in the streaming activation valuation space, and TSM FTX, as a pioneer in esports, is positioned well to help them achieve that goal.”

TSM FTX is one of the most popular gaming organizations in the world. The company currently supports rosters in hit games like Fortnite and League of Legends.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider and TSM FTX)

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