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Musician Zedd Teams Up With Riot Games For “VALORANT” Activations

Riot Games recently unveiled a partnership with the hit musician Zedd. As a result, the two parties worked together to unleash the Spectrum bundle in the hit video game VALORANT.

A special unveiling event for the Spectrum Bundle was held on September 7th. The collection of assets featured a number of usable skins that were designed by Zedd and outfitted with music-based themes. This agreement will also see Zedd produce in-game music exclusively for VALORANT.

“The very first time I got my hands on VALORANT, I pretty much stopped playing all other games,” said Anton “Zedd” Zaslavski. “It was the perfect combination of my favorite games. When I was younger I was obsessed with Counter-Strike, and in recent years I played loads of Overwatch, but felt like the room for “clutch” moments just wasn’t there. When I heard about VALORANT, I thought it could combine my love for abilities with the high-consequence gameplay of a game like Counter-Strike.”

The Spectrum bundle is available now. It can be purchased in the VALORANT in-game store for 10,700 VP.

The Profit‘s Take:

I wish we knew Riot Games’ numbers with this because I feel like the company has basically said they’re fine with selling their product to the top 1% of video game consumers. The top 1% is paying over $100 for this product. I just think the whole Zedd thing is a non-story, to be honest. It’s a ho-hum activation. He’s not an A-list celebrity. And if we are talking about somebody creating original music for a game, I would not put a DJ at the top of the list. If you’re VALORANT, you can get anybody you want. Fortnite collabed with LeBron James, who is a way bigger star. LeBron and Zedd are not of equal status. They could have gotten a much bigger name if they wanted. You picked a middle-of-the-road celeb and charged $107 for their product. To me, this feels like they’re underachieving a little bit. Get Drake. Or get Kanye and do a Donda collaboration. Unfortunately, we’ll never know the data on how this sells.

(All information was provided by Dot Esports [1,2,3] and Forbes)

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