AT&T Offering Google Stadia To 5G And Fiber Customers

It was recently announced that AT&T customers that use the company’s 5G and fiber services will be eligible to receive six months of Google Stadia. Through this promotion, AT&T will offer users a chance to purchase six months of Google Stadia Premiere Edition for $20.

“When it comes to gaming, your connection matters most. The truth is, you should never have to settle for pixelated graphics, high ping rates, and lag, or packet loss. With the latest technologies, we tackle those pain points for you,” it reads on the AT&T website. “With the AT&T network powering your 6-month access to Stadia Pro, you‘ll have less skips, lags, and freezes and start gaming at its full potential. And it doesn’t stop there. As part of our collaboration with Stadia, we’re also exploring ways to enhance our 5G and Fiber networks that will help innovate and improve the gaming experience in the future.”

The promotion took effect on June 9th. It is unclear how long this offer will be available to customers, but it is being reported that it is for a limited time.

(All information was provided by AT&T and Venture Beat)

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