An Post Teaming Up With Legion Esports

Legion Esports recently announced it had agreed to a partnership deal with the Irish regional postal service An Post. As a result, An Post’s money management app, Money Mate, will serve as the official sponsor of Legion Esports.

An Post has also been named an official partner of the Legion Esports creator program. This initiative aims to help popularize and grow gaming in Ireland.

“At An Post, we are hugely excited to be involved with The Legion as the first Irish brand to enter a partnership of this size and scale with them,” said Conor Barron, the Digital Marketing Manager at An Post. “We share a keen sense of community with gamers and the gaming industry and we look forward to using this innovative and exciting medium to communicate with them both.”

Legion Esports was founded in 2017. The organization is currently one of the largest esports tournament platform providers in Ireland.

(All information was provided by CricFit, Esports Insider, and Legion Esports)

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