Gaming Crypto EverestCoin Launches On PancakeSwap

The highly anticipated EverestCoin experienced a 1,800% increase following its launch of their new EVCOIN on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on September 21st despite the recent downward trend in the global crypto market. However, “Play-to-Earn” has been gaining traction in the crypto space as blockchain gaming takes hold and buyers took advantage of the launch to gain early access to this gaming project and beat the downward trend.

Play-to-earn is a revolutionary new gaming concept made wildly popular and profitable by Axis Infinity. While Axis offers cartoon characters and a child-like gaming system, EverestCoin offers a unique game inspired by Mount Everest and the adventurers who dare to conquer it. In-game NFTs are just the start of this epic adventure.

As players are presented with varying tasks and levels of difficulty, they have an opportunity not only to enjoy the game and interact with other players but the ability to earn points in the form of EVCOIN. This play-to-earn concept seems here to stay as gamers, worldwide flock to play games that can provide them with a passive income.

Play-to-earn allows investors and gamers to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies in addition to NFTs. The Everest Coin Game will offer multiple pathways to earn more EVCOIN for playing and leveling up. The in-game assets, or NFTs, can be used in the game to accomplish certain in-game tasks as well as sold on NFT marketplaces for profit.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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