D-BOX Agrees To Partnership With Adrenalin GmbH

On September 17th, D-BOX Technologies Inc. announced it agreed to a partnership with Adrenalin GmbH. As a result of this deal, D-BOX will serve as the exclusive touch technology supplier for all Adrenalin GmbH simulators.

“Adrenalin is thrilled to partner with D-BOX. This haptic system is essential when it comes time to recreate the realism of a race, and D-BOX is the best in that field. We have built our brand around quality, precision, and reliability, and for that reason, it was extremely important for us to associate with a partner that felt the same and could deliver that,” said Thomas Hölzlhammer, the Chief Executive Officer of Adrenalin. “We are all very excited to train the car racers of tomorrow, in providing them with the best Sim Racing experience, not only with DRSeven simulators in Nürburgring eSports Centers, as well as with all our other Sim Racing products.”

This partnership will see D-BOX serve as the official haptics supplier of DRSeven Sim Racing Simulators that were created for Nürburgring eSports. Additionally, D-BOX and Adrenalin GmbH took part in the ADAC Sim Racing Expo 2021 which was held in Germany from September 17th to the 19th.

(All information was provided by The Financial Post)

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