HyperX Has Shipped 20M Gaming Headsets Since 2014

On October 11th, HyperX announced it had hit a very important milestone. The company reported it had sold 20 million gaming headsets since launching HyperX Cloud Gaming headsets in April of 2014.

“Since the launch of the first HyperX gaming headset in 2014, we’ve steadily evolved our designs and selection of products to become an industry leader for quality, comfort, and sound,” said Kevin Hague, general manager, HyperX. “As competitive and casual gaming continues to gain popularity across PCs, consoles, and mobile platforms, we strive to further advance our headsets to new levels and look forward to delivering the next 20 million high-quality headphones to discerning customers worldwide.”

HyperX currently sells 17 different models of gaming headsets. This line of products ranges in price from $39.99 to $329.99.

(All information was provided by Business Wire and HyperX)

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