YaLLa Esports Partners With Zain Esports And Tokyo Games

The Middle Eastern gaming org YaLLa Esports recently unveiled partnerships with Zain Esports and Tokyo Games. This deal will see the three parties work together to find more esports talent in the MENA (Middle East-North Africa) region, including gamers, casters, analysts, and more.

“As our organization looks to grow further, we are proud to be collaborating with Zain Esports and Tokyo Games. We share a common goal of expanding the regional ecosystem and fostering gamers and talent,” said Klaus Kajetski, Founder CEO of YaLLa Esports. “Through these partnerships, gamers across the region can look forward to receiving more opportunities to participate in events and tournaments and gain access to more engaging and interactive content.” 

YaLLa Esports and Zain Esports already have plans to work on several campaigns and events. This is expected to feature sponsorship deals for YaLLa content creators, as well as the creation of several regional esports tournaments.

Meanwhile, Tokyo Games will help sponsor YaLLa’s expansion into the Saudi Arabian esports market. On top of that, Tokyo Games’ stores will begin carrying YaLLa esports’ jerseys and merchandise.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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