BETER Adds Artificial Intelligence Tournaments To Esports Roster

BETER announced that it will now provide live streaming, live data, and odds for over 4,500 esports events per month for sportsbooks with the launching of Virtual eComp Artificial Intelligence esports tournaments. The tournaments will utilize BETER Live Data to ensure that users gain access to the “widest possible selection of markets and odds for each and every Virtual eComp event.”

“AI tournaments are a fantastic solution for sportsbooks,” said Gal Ehrlich, CEO of BETER. “They ensure stable margins and revenue growth for our clients, full integrity and with many matches on offer, the fun never stops with Virtual eComp matches. AI tournaments are organized in strict accordance with these tournaments’ policies of transparency and fairness, which makes our products safe and trustworthy.”

Virtual eComp Football will feature more than 3,000 virtual soccer matches each month, with customers able to place bets on “up to 10 markets per match”. BETER believes that the provision of Virtual eComp Basketball, which will include AI vs. AI matches, will help create “an immersive, realistic experience” for bettors.

By making tournaments available “24/7/365”, BETER will distribute more than 1,500 events each month – with 18 markets available per event.

(All information was provided by SBC News)

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