L.A. Comic-Con Expansion Gives Additional Space To Gaming And Esports Events

LA Comic-Con is planning on expanding into the Los Angeles Convention Center’s West Hall for the first time ever. This expansion comes as part of a partnership with LA Comic-Con and the cross-platform media company PCB Productions.

“Los Angeles is the only place where this kind of unique experience can truly come to life. L.A. is the center of the entertainment universe, and eSports, anime, film, TV, and pop culture are all essential contributors to that,” said Chris DeMoulin, CEO of Comikaze Entertainment, L.A. Comic Con’s parent company. “Nowhere else has this wealth of creative talent all in one place. We believe it is past time for the concept of a comic con to expand and fully integrate gaming and anime together into the same event. Our new partnership with PCB allows us to bring in more gaming and anime talent and unique programming, as gaming and anime are fully the adjacent spaces in today’s increasingly digital, on-demand global entertainment culture.”

This expansion will give the event an additional 147,000-square-feet of space. Furthermore, LA Comic-Con will be granted access to Tiltify Arena for gaming and esports events. A LAN gaming network will also be established that features 60 to 80 state-of-the-art computers. On top of that, attendees will be able to get autographs from famous video game franchise actors and pro gamers.

LA Comic-Con will take place at the Los Angeles Convention center. This year’s events will run from December 3rd through December 5th.

(All information was provided by That Hashtag Show)

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