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Wisdom Gaming And Mall Of America Partner To Create Midwest Esports Hub

On October 14th, a long-term partnership agreement was unveiled between Wisdom Gaming and Mall of America. As a result, the two parties will work together to create an 18,000-square-foot esports venue and broadcast studio in the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“Wisdom’s mission and expertise has been rooted in creating global esports communities and avid fandoms, making us a trusted full-service solution for the industry’s largest publishers, including Riot Games,” said Nicole DuCane, VP of Sales, Partnerships, Wisdom Gaming. “By partnering with Mall of America, we are expanding our commitment to building fan affinity and providing an incredible opportunity for brands to authentically engage with esports and gaming audiences.”

The split-level esports venue will feature numerous amenities. This will include a gaming lounge, a retail shop, and seating for live studio audiences.

The new broadcast studio is scheduled to open sometime early next year. This facility will provide Wisdom Gaming with advanced video production capabilities for the company and its partners.

The Profit‘s Take:

One of the businesses that has suffered the most recently is traditional retail, especially malls. Malls have so much vacant space right now. They’re all hurting. I don’t know why more malls aren’t doing this type of thing. They need to appeal to the gamer crowd. Every mall that has empty spaces is missing a huge opportunity by not opening esports venues or LAN centers in their facilities. If I’m a mall owner, I would front all the money to develop these types of venues myself. I wouldn’t sit around and wait for Wisdom Gaming to come find me. Malls need businesses like the Apple Store and the Gap to stay open, but they need some way to draw crowds in. Well, here is your draw. This will definitely bring more people into your mall. It doesn’t even have to make money! It just needs to put bodies in the buildings. It’s a cool idea and should be pretty fun to see develop.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider and PR Newswire)

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