AirDrop Gaming Looks To Improve The Experiences Of Deaf Gamers

On October 7th, AirDrop Gaming announced it would be launching an audio-radar gaming experience that provides more esports accessibility to deaf and hard-of-hearing gamers. Using an LED lighting display, gamers will be able to see in-game sounds like gunfire, footsteps, explosions, and so on.

“We hope to give these communities a level of accessibility they’ve never had while playing the games they love, including Battle Royal titles – Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, and more,” said Tim Murphy, CEO of AirDrop Gaming. “The entire entertainment industry is becoming more and more accessible. Through innovation, we’re doing our part to give all gamers a fair shot.”

Audio Radar was officially launched on Indiegogo on October 15th. As of 1:00 PM EST on October 19th, the product campaign has secured over $9,100 from 27 different backers.

The Audio Radar comes in two models. The standard product has a starting price of $319 while the special backers-edition costs $349. These devices are expected to be shipped out worldwide this coming July.

(All information was provided by Indiegogo and Yahoo! Finance)

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