SportsHero Launches Artificial Intelligence Esports Predictor

Real-time fantasy sports app and social prediction platform SportsHero launched its AI esports predictor, which uses deep learning technology to guess the outcome of esports competitions, both ahead of a match and during live events. The predictor, which was released ahead of schedule, has so far shown a 66% accuracy, correctly pinning the outcome of 125 out of 189 total matches. SportsHero says this new product is expected to generate new revenue opportunities including licensing, subscription, and streaming income, along with royalties and affiliate gaming revenue.

“The predictor has the potential to be a company-making platform by allowing SportsHero to enter new markets, generate revenue at scale, and leverage our existing products, data, and market position to our advantage,” commented CEO Tom Lapping.

To increase the predictor’s accuracy, its algorithm was built on one of the largest datasets available for the team-based game League of Legends. The dataset autonomously analyzes new matches and data generated from those matchups to optimize the underlying algorithm. Therefore, it should gradually become more precise as data is added to its ecosystem.

A website has also been launched that packages the predictor, underlying players, and a teams’ library, as well as an integrated live betting odds feed. Despite the launch, SportsHero was down 6.25%, trading at 3 cents at 3:40 pm EST.

(All information was provided by The Market Herald)

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