“Crab Game” Developer Says The Game Is Now Safe To Play

According to developer DaniDev, Crab Game is once again safe for streamers to play. In a recent Twitter, post, the game dev revealed that streamers playing in public lobbies will no longer be at risk of IP leaks.

The game was originally built on the FacePunch Steam P2P network. This proved to be incredibly insecure since countless streamers had their IPs leaked, causing them to be DDoSed (a cyber-attack that makes a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended user). In turn, DaniDev took to Twitter to warn people to avoid public lobbies while the issue was being dealt with.

Crab Game was released on Steam in late October. This free-to-play game allows players to join a lobby and play in a series of playground-inspired battle royale games, similar to the ones featured in the hit Netflix show Squid Game.

(All information was provided by Dot Esports, Google, and Polygon)

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