Esports And Gaming Platform InPoker Launches NFT Marketplace

After the unveiling of InPoker’s NFT Marketplace, users could only purchase, register, and trade Elite NFT Cards on the InPoker Marketplace (membership cards reserved for exclusive members). Now, the gaming platform plans to add Stake a Card, List Card for Sale, and Delist Card from the Marketplace features to the platform. The new Stake a Card feature will allow players to generate more NFT cards by staking it for a specified period. This feature will be unlocked once INP, the game’s token becomes tradable. Users will also be able to list their cards for sale.

To purchase items from the marketplace, one must select a card from the list for sale, view detailed card information, and select purchase. Before purchasing an NFT card, users are required to add the MetaMask wallet and connect it to the Binance Smart Chain. Once the wallet is approved and after a successful transaction, the card will be automatically added to your wallet. You can view the card in the MyNFT Card section. Registration of cards is done by going to the My NFT Cards section on the left-hand side menu, selecting the card to be registered, and providing your InPoker username. Once you click Register Card, it will be automatically registered to your given username. Once you sell the card to another user, you lose your Elite Membership status.

InPoker is also launching some new, exciting tournaments: The Daily Satellite to Weekly Elite Texas Holdem Freeroll and the Daily Elite Freeroll Texas Holdem events will be held Mondays to Fridays. However, the Daily Satellite to Weekly Elite Texas Holdem Freeroll will be held twice a day at 9:00 AM EST and 10:00 PM EST, while the Daily Elite Freeroll Texas Holdem will be held at 11:00 PM EST. Exciting prizes are available to be won in the tournaments. InPoker intends to use the newly launched tournaments to allow players to start earning rewards.

The project also revealed a limited edition of 1,000 black label cards for NFT gamers on the game’s marketplace. InPoker is planning to launch additional product features for the NFT marketplace and various cashier modules that will facilitate the trading of NFT cards. InPoker also stated that the users will be able to cash out their BUSD winnings as soon as the functionality is launched.

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