Affiliate Program Launched By Esports Technologies Inc. On

On November 18th, Esports Technologies Inc. announced it had launched its affiliate platform Through this program, Esports Technologies will engage with business partners by offering them commission-based earnings that come from deposited money as well as revenues generated by the website.

“ will harness the robust intellectual property of Esports Technologies to offer a best-in-class wagering experience that consistently optimizes conversion and retention, generating maximum revenue for our affiliate partners,” said Michael Holm, the Affiliate Director of Esports Technologies. “We are excited to welcome affiliate partners from all over the world, and we look forward to working with them in a way that’s mutually beneficial.”

Esports Technologies said its affiliation program features customized commission plans tailored to several gambling verticals including casinos, traditional sports, and esports. Additionally, this program will provide competitive industry odds for supported betting markets in over 140 jurisdictions worldwide.

Esports Technologies Inc. is a privately-held company that was founded in September of 2020. The organization is currently headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

(All information was provided by Gambling News, Google, PR Newswire, and Yahoo! Finance)

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