Collective Artists Network Partners With Revenant Esports

Collective Artists Network recently announced a partnership with Revenant Esports. This agreement marks Collective Artists Network’s first foray into the ever-growing esports scene.

Through this deal, Collective Artists Network will represent Revenant Esports in all commercial ventures. This is expected to include brand endorsements, campaigns, and merchandising opportunities.

“At Collective Artists Network, we believe in being of value to entertainment and the custodians of everything pop culture,” said Collective Artists Network Group’s CEO Vijay Subramaniam. “Esports gaming is one of the largest engagement platforms as well as the most rapidly-growing ecosystems in India – propelled by the rise of the Internet and smartphone to a large extent, combined with the substantial peak of indoor gaming in current times. Organizations like Revenant Esports that offer enriching esports experiences are already spearheading this remarkable narrative of growth. Our synergetic partnership with them will see the development and activation of meaningful partnerships that, in turn, will further nurture their growth and the flourishing of the esports industry at large.”

Revenant Esports is a new-gen gaming company based in Mumbai. The organization currently fields teams that compete in games like Call of Duty Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India.

(All information was provided by AnimationXpress, LinkedIn, and Revenant Esports)

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