The Light Of Shanghai Cruiseliner Blends Esports And Tourism

Last month, the national semi-final and finals of a mobile League of Legends tournament were held on “Light of Shanghai,” a sightseeing cruise liner on the Huangpu River, marking a unique blend of esports and tourism. The ship has been upgraded with advanced technology applications to host esports tournaments and plans on hosting more in the future. 

“The ship has only been in operation for one year and is one of the most luxurious and biggest sightseeing ships on the river,” said Hou Wenqing, deputy general manager of Shanghai Jiushi Tourism (Group) Co Ltd and Party secretary of Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise. “By introducing culture, sports, and art elements, we hope to present a multiple-model platform for Huangpu River cruise tours and overturn the traditional impression of it as single sightseeing.”

Shanghai Jiushi Tourism (Group) Co Ltd, online travel operator Tongcheng-Elong, and VSPN have inked a strategic cooperation deal and will work together on esports project management, business development, technical cooperation, and marketing that caters to the preference of the younger generation.

Shanghai aims to become a world-class tourism destination and is developing its landmark Huangpu River cruise tours as part of the tourism blueprint. The Huangpu River areas will be turned into a “world-class meeting room,” a portal for Shanghai’s tourism industry and a primary tourist destination in the city. Under the plan, Huangpu Rivers cruise tours have introduced intangible cultural heritage, fashion, and art elements with a combination of cruise and onshore trips to enrich passengers’ experiences. Shanghai is also building a global esports capital, and the debut of the unique moving esports venue marked a step forward towards the goal.

(All information was provided by Shine)

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