Opera GX Incorporates CORSAIR iCUE To Its Browser

Opera GX, the world’s first browser designed for gamers, is introducing iCUE integration that will make CORSAIR gear dynamically respond to browsing. These CORSAIR RGB-enabled setups take opening a tab, receiving a message, and downloading files to a whole new level. From now on, whenever you start your browser or perform any of these tasks, your CORSAIR gear will respond with one of a set of custom effects, courtesy of Opera GX’s design team.

“Let’s face it: you need to maintain your focus when gaming so you might want to take it easy with your RGB effects,” said Maciej Kocemba, Head of Opera GX. “As a browser, Opera GX is the perfect place for you to really let loose and make your setup shine through colors and animations.”

Gamers can choose from one of the multiple preset animation themes or go deeper and individually choose one of the additional effects. They can also import any gif and use it for a specific thing they do in the browser, with just one click. Opera GX will also display a gif on your CORSAIR keyboard whenever you get a notification from Discord, Twitch, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Instagram. iCUE effects are not displayed continuously, but rather when something occurs in the browser. In order to avoid distractions from late-night gaming or binge-watching sessions, they can be dimmed in fullscreen mode.

Opera GX gamers can start enjoying iCUE features now with the browser’s latest update. Gamers who haven’t yet taken control of their online browsing experience can join the action by downloading it from the Opera GX home page and joining the many million-strong communities of active users.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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