Statespace Raises $50 Million For Game And Health Performance Training

Statespace, a program that trains new players how to aim properly in first-person shooters, announced it has raised $50 million to support the organization’s expansion of competitive gaming training tools and coaching programs as well as digital health initiatives. Statespace’s products blend health and games together using mental tests to evaluate people. The company hopes this new funding will help individuals maximize their potential when it comes to performance. 

“Our competitive nature really drives people to be as good as they can be,” said Wayne Mackey, CEO of Statespace. “It adds extra enjoyment to the game, and no one wants to be the worst player in their friend group.”

Aim Lab’s user base has grown to 5 million monthly active users and 20 million total players, up from just 100,000 monthly active users and 1.5 million total players 18 months ago. Over the past year, Statespace has formed strategic partnerships with Riot Games’ VCT Challengers North America, Ubisoft, and HyperX.

The new funding will help Statespace continue to develop and launch performance training tools for both gaming and digital health. The planned expansion will include the addition of new console and mobile platforms, new training tools, and analytics for Aim Lab. It’s also working on Playerbase, a product that lets users connect with some of the best talents and communities in the gaming world. It hopes to launch this product in the fourth quarter of this year.

(All information was provided by VentureBeat)

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