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Shopping Cart Introduced On Epic Games Store

On December 9th, a shopping cart was officially added to the Epic Games Store. This feature means that interested users are now able to buy multiple games in a single transaction.

“Today is a pretty big day around here,” Epic said in a blog post. “You may have noticed a new feature at the top right of the Store launcher and website. (Go ahead, take a look. We’ll wait.) That’s it – the Shopping Cart! We tucked it in right up there next to your wishlist. If you’ve shopped online before, the cart works exactly as you’d expect.”

An “Add to Cart” button has been added to the Epic Games Store website. This will allow users to add free games and paid ones to their cart at the same time. A “Buy Now” button was also introduced if you want to avoid using the cart. A wishlist has also been established for users that want to wait a little longer before buying products.

To celebrate The Game Awards 2021, Epic hosted a flash sale on the Epic Games Store. This promotion ran from December 9th through the 11th.

The Profit‘s Take:

The headline for this is hilarious. Talk about setting the bar low. I guess this was the only thing that was missing from the Epic Games Store to be able to challenge Steam. They don’t need a shopping cart though because they give away all their games for free.

(All information was provided by Epic Games Store and The Verge)

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