Gary Bowser Agrees To $10M Settlement With Nintendo

Gary “GaryOPA” Bowser recently plead guilty to federal piracy charges in a lawsuit by Nintendo back in October. Now, the Canadian hacker has agreed to pay $10 million to Nintendo in a settlement deal for his reported role in the Switch hacking lawsuit.

Bowser is a member of the jailbreaking group Team Xecuter, which began allegedly promoting the use of a modchip that allows users to hack their Nintendo Switch so the device could be used to play pirated games. According to this proposed settlement, Bowser would be required to turn any online registries or domain names associated with Team Xecuter over to Nintendo. This settlement would also prohibit Bowser from ever again “directly or indirectly” infringing on Nintendo copyrights and IPs.

“This permanent injunction is binding against Defendant worldwide, without regard to the territorial scope of the specific intellectual property rights asserted in the Complaint of the above-captioned case, and may be enforced in any court of competent jurisdiction wherever Defendant or his assets may be found,” the settlement reads.

Team Xecuter is famous for creating mod chips that give individuals the ability to jailbreak their devices. Some of the chips they have created allow for modifications to the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo 3DS, the NES Classic Edition, and other gaming consoles.

(All information was provided by Kotaku and The Verge)

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