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Amasa And Polygon Studios Join Forces

Amasa recently announced it had agreed to a partnership with Polygon Studios, a branch of Polygon focused on NFTs and web 3.0 gaming. This deal aims to accelerate the adoption of play-to-earn gaming models while facilitating the transition of studio building from web 2.0 to web 3.0. Additionally, Amasa will be integrated into Polygon Studios allowing the company to connect and back new projects.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Polygon Studios on technical solutions toward our common goals of growing web 3.0 gaming and metaverse ecosystems to the ultimate benefit of users globally,” said Will Burks, the founder of Amasa.

Amasa is a company that helps organizations financially by amplifying the value of their micro income streams. The business was originally founded in 2018.

(All information was provided by LinkedIn and The Daily Hodl)

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