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Are NFTs Gaming’s Biggest Existential Threat of 2022?

NFTs have made their way into the video game ecosystem, for better or worse. Now, we’re seemingly stuck with them. Like all buzz-worthy new tech these days, NFTs are products of the blockchain. The short explanation is that they are receipts that live on decentralized spreadsheets. A shorter explanation is that NFTs are almost indistinguishable from a star registry.

Gaming platforms are packed with play-to-earn titles on the blockchain which promise gamers many things, but often disappointment and lots and lots of advertisements. When it comes to video games, NFTs are incompatible with decades of game design, usually by replacing the key verb of “play” with a new key verb, “invest.”

While many do love NFT gaming, others have revolted and are revolted by the idea. Ubisoft’s new platform Ubisoft Quartz was met with so much anger and negativity that the company was forced to slam the brakes on its release. Similarly, the Stalker 2 NFT was canceled before it even launched, thanks to dedicated gamers’ disgust towards the idea of incorporating NFTs into their beloved game.  

So while we can marvel over the changes brought on by this new way of gaming, we must ask ourselves if this is really where we want the industry to go. It seems more companies we never thought would be interested are dipping their toes in the NFT water, and with any luck, they’ll listen to their fans, not to their pocketbooks.

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