Artist Union, Equity, Drafts New Rules For Gaming Studios To Abide By

Equity, a union representing voice actors, has drafted new rules that set the professional standards for voice acting in games. The proposal is the first one in the United Kingdom and includes a commitment that actors will be informed in advance about the nature of the game, any delicate content, and the type of character they are playing. The proposal also calls for breaks, especially when an actor’s voice is stressed or facing harm from overwork.

“The industry is constantly evolving and companies are constantly emerging,” said Laurence Bouvard, Chairman of the Equity Screen and New Media Commission. “Studios need to budget, so they want to know the rules. The actor has become a pawn in the bidding game. I realized that this price competition is becoming a part of the culture.”

The document also outlines hourly rates for actors as well as overtime, late fees, and actor credits. The proposal puts the UK in line with the arrangements of U.S. voice actors who have made strikes and payments on terms until a similar agreement was reached in 2017.

Having worked on Horizon Zero Dawn and Game of Thrones, OMUK is the first studio to participate in this deal and will continue until 2023, when prices will be reviewed in line with inflation. Equity said other studios are interested in applying for next year. Side UK and Liquid Violet, London’s leading studios working on Assassin’s Creed and World of Warcraft, welcomed the deal but said factors such as fees and payments for trailers and promotional content need further discussion.

(All information was provided by California News-Times)

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