Snoop Dogg’s Son Named Creative Director At New Gaming App Doge Dash

Cordell Broadus, son of Snoop Dogg, has been named creative director of Doge Dash, a new play-to-earn gaming app. He was brought on by the company as its first-ever creative director to oversee the brand and artistic framework of the app, a Super Mario-inspired game where players accumulate coins that can be transferred directly to the player’s crypto wallets.

“I know talent when I see it, and Cordell ticks all the boxes, young, dynamic, creative, and above all else talented,” said Paul Caslin, the Founder of Doge Dash. “I do not doubt that Cordell will help shape the future of NFTs and crypto gaming culture. We are delighted to welcome him to the Doge Dash family.”

Caslin and Broadus aim to revolutionize and make the crypto market more enjoyable and accessible for young enthusiasts. They plan to focus heavily on introducing the world to cryptocurrencies while constructing an education ecosystem that can build generational wealth for inner-city youth.

Doge Dash is the first crypto gaming app, and Broadus has been tasked with making the Doge Dash brand a household name. The company hopes to accomplish this through a series of NFTs, TV shows, merchandise, and gaming projects.

(All information was provided by Black Enterprise)

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