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Ubisoft: We Understand Where NFT Hate Comes From

Ubisoft’s recent attempt to enter the world of NFT gaming was met with outrage and hostility, forcing the company to put its platform, Ubisoft Quartz, on indefinite hold. However, the company has not scrapped the idea completely, as evidenced by their recent declaration that fans’ and users’ acceptance will simply take time.

“We have received a lot of feedback since the announcement, and we hear both the encouragement and the concerns,” said Didier Genevois, Blockchain Technical Director at Ubisoft. “We understand where the sentiment towards the technology comes from, and we need to keep taking it into consideration every step of the way…This experiment is meant to understand how the value proposition of decentralization can be received and embraced by our players. We know it is a major change that will take time, but we will stay true to our…principles.”

So it seems Ubisoft is more inclined to a regroup rather than a rethink of the idea. Staying true to their principles will likely end up making a lot of people angrier, people who hoped that the negative backlash from all sides would get the project canceled entirely. But alas, Genovois more than revealed Ubisoft’s true intentions: to make this NFT platform work at all costs.

Unfortunately for Ubisoft, not all change is good, and often people just don’t want it. This seems to be one of those cases.

(All information was provided by Kotaku)

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