Rockstar Games Website Teases Bully 2

Rockstar Games updated its website with a potential Bully 2 tease after months of rumors surfaced that, not only was the game happening, but that it would be revealed soon. Since then, conflicting statements have surfaced regarding production, but a Reddit page dedicated to Bully 2 noted that the Rockstar Games website logo has changed to reflect the same logo used by the company at E3 2005 right before the original game was announced.

Fans in the subreddit community are debating whether this is indeed a sign that Bully 2 is on its way, or whether this is Rockstar teasing a remaster of the original game. Unfortunately, right now, there’s no way of knowing which is true, as the company has yet to confirm or address any of the rumors.

Rockstar Games has a reputation for changing its logo to whatever game is on deck. For example, with Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar changed its logo to red and black on its website.

Rockstar also has a reputation for being tight-lipped when it comes to addressing rumors, leaks, or anything of the speculative and unofficial variety. So despite this teaser, it’s hard to really make any guesses as to what’s to come. With any luck, this will mean a sequel for a very popular game that’s been due for a sequel for over a decade.

(All information was provided by ComicBook Gaming)

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