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Wasder To Launch Social Gaming Microverse On Solana

Wasder, a global gamified social microverse for gamers, announced its plans to launch on Solana, a market-leading blockchain solution, as Wasder looks to become the main entry point to future metaverses. As the first mainstream gaming platform and digital microverse of its kind, the collaboration sets a new standard for both gamers and publishers. The joint effort enables gamers to participate in the Game of Wasder, a fully gamified experience built into the social platform.

“Gaming is rapidly emerging as the next forefront of blockchain technology,” said Johnny Lee, Head of Gaming BD at Solana Labs. “Projects like Wasder will introduce millions of people to the power of blockchain, and I’m delighted they’re choosing to build on Solana.”

The Game of Wasder makes the interaction with brands a more immersive experience. Combined with the game spaces, it allows game publishers and developers to host their communities on Wasder. It also gives them access to a plethora of other quality-of-life solutions, such as featuring their in-game items, like NFTs, battlepasses, and rewards, while also gaining exposure to a larger audience. Rewards are exclusive NFTs from games that Wasder is partnered with. Wasder has previously collaborated with Townstar from Gala Games and Hash Rush from Vorto Games and will be announcing several new partners in early 2022. Users will also have access to Wasder’s battlepasses, which allows each person to earn rewards for a specific game during a certain time period. Users are able to then display those rewards/NFTs on their interactive user profiles, thus creating a new way of expressing both themselves and their reward stash in the community.

Aside from building the Game of Wasder on the technology, Wasder intends on using the Solana blockchain for several reasons, including initially being used for minting NFTs. Although Wasder plans on supporting multiple blockchains for NFTs in the future, the Solana ecosystem will be the first and will run the core system behind the transfer of NFTs between players.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Entertainment)

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