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Meta Reportedly Halts Efforts To Build AR/VR Headset OS

While Apple’s AR/VR headset is all set to be released this year, Meta has reportedly hit a roadblock in its own VR/AR software efforts. A new report claims that the company has halted its efforts to build a new software operating system to power its headsets. The same report says that this project had been underway for “several years and involved hundreds of employees,” so the decision to stop the development is being viewed as a major setback.

The organization has told some staff it would continue to modify an open-source version of Android, which Google developed for smartphones but which other companies have used to power various devices, people familiar with the matter said. Meta’s modified version of Android, known internally as VROS, powers existing Oculus VR headsets.

Meta is naturally looking to reduce its reliance on Google and Apple. Owning the software that powers its Oculus products would be a major step in doing exactly that. While the company still has “aspirations to build a bespoke OS for its devices,” it’s clear that such a change won’t happen soon.

(All information was provided by 9to5Mac)

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