Tesla Hints At Brand-Themed Gaming Controller

Tesla’s Product Design Director, Javier Verdura, hinted in a Twitter conversation recently that the company was considering designing its own gaming controller in the near future. While there is not much substance to the tweet, Tesla would benefit greatly by developing its own controller for its cars and others, especially since the company has never officially licensed or recommended any specific gaming controller to its owners. The Tesla Arcade has several games that require a game controller, yet, the automaker has never provided its customers with one.

While nearly any gaming controller with a USB port is compatible with these vehicles, and several USB dongles available on the market have worked with Tesla vehicles in the past for wireless options, there are still some shortcomings in terms of Tesla’s gaming accessories, especially as the company transitioned to USB-C ports in the Model 3 and Model Y, requiring owners to pick up another conversion accessory if they have a controller with a standard USB 3.0 connector. Additionally, some owners have stated that wireless controllers will only operate in the Model S and Model X, but others have reported that a wireless dongle has worked for them.

Nevertheless, Tesla could make things easier for owners if it came out with its own controller. The Arcade is definitely a luxury, but it is also a way to pass time during supercharging or keep children occupied during an extensive drive. Additionally, with a rear screen with gaming capabilities being put in the back of the car on the refreshed Model S and X, the gaming controller could be used for rear occupants while the car is in motion.

Companies that have gaming controllers are required to file them with the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC. Tesla has not yet filed anything with the FCC regarding a gaming controller, so there are no indications that the automaker has any plans to release a product anytime soon.

(All information was provided by Teslarati)

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