NBA’s Josh Giddey Joins The World Of Crypto Gaming

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Josh Giddey recently agreed to a partnership with Crypto Gaming United. This deal will see Giddey let the company use his image for unique digital outfits and items that can be purchased by gamers. The value of this deal has not been revealed at this time.

Crypto Gaming United is a Singaporean organization. The company was founded with the goal of making play-to-earn games easily accessible to audiences around the globe. Crypto Gaming United offers a variety of online multiplayer games that provide cryptocurrency-based rewards.

Josh Giddey is a 19-year-old professional basketball player from Melbourne, Australia. During the 2020 NBA Draft, he was selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder with the sixth overall pick.

(All information was provided by Crypto Gaming United, Basketball-Reference, The West Australian)

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