Division 6ix Launches Its Own Crypto Tokens

UK-based esports organization and tournament provider, Division 6ix, launched a 30-day pre-initial coin offering for its new cryptocurrency: D6ix Tokens, which will run through February. D6ixes are designed to “boost players’ earning potential” by using the tokens for content creation, streaming games, tournament prizes, wagers, and more. Fans can earn tokens by engaging with players and watching their content.

“We are literally leveling the playing field,” said Olu Adenekan, CEO of Division6ix. “The esports industry is saturated with so many pro players and content creators that it’s a challenge for emerging talent to break through and make money from their passion. Our focus is the development of players from amateur to professional level and then giving them the tools to earn income, build a following, and increase revenue opportunities. Our end goal is to create success for our players in as many ways as possible – as players, as content creators and now, as investors.”

Division 6ix’s four-month tournament season begins this month with a variety of games, including VALORANT, FIFA, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. The prize pools range from cash to NFTs, gems, and D6ix Tokens. Tournaments include the Division 6ix Academy Cup, Championships, Masters, and UK Super Cup.

(All information was provided by Esports News UK)

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